Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fabric Flowers & Sunshine...of course!

It's really starting to get a bit warm around here, so when you find some shade you enjoy it!! All except Sophie that is! As you can see she wasn't feeling so photogenic at this moment!

At least Sicily & Savannah are smiling as they swing away! :)

Here amongst the Hollyhocks are a sample of the FABRIC FLOWERS that I made and put for sale on my Etsy shop!

I enjoyed our time spent together with Samantha & Sierra as they traced, cut and matched embellishments for these flowers. I love you GIRLS!! We pulled a 'really late night' a few weeks back and had fun just gabbing the night away! My good friend Tricia even stopped by for a visit and joined our fun for a bit.

The FABRIC FLOWERS come in an assortment of colors!

And, a variety of embellishments!

Here is a trio of purple flowers on an alligator clip.

I like the colors of this flower, because each petal has a few shades on it!

I hope you are all staying cool, wherever you may be!!


1 comment:

rachel... said...

Oh, the fabric flowers are so cute! You and your girls have real talent!


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