Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Fun...Water!!

I love when it gets warm enough to go BAREFOOT and wear FLIP-FLOPS!!

I also totally LOVE this color of NAIL-POLISH!!!
I don't care for a lot of Bling, yet I do enjoy a bit of GLITTER!

We also love to take advantage of our public library's Summer Story time!

Last week, they taught us about the effects water has in science. They did a few experiments and the kids' got to make these COOL boats that shoot across the water! They had fun racing them!

To make some of your own here is a list of
Styrofoam Tray
Pair of Scissors

Instructions - Poke 2 Slits and make a Cut in the back center part of the boat,
then Blow up the Balloon and Slide it through the Slit. Sit the boat in the water and watch it race!!

Here's Savannah, Sicily & Scottland racing their boats with their good friends!

ENJOY YOUR SUMMER...and don't forget to PLAY IN THE WATER!!:)


Janacy said...

We go to the library!! :) I never see you there... you must go to the 11:30 :) Maybe we'll try that time out sometime....

I think your toes are just Dang cute too!!

Haupi said...

The kids seem to be enjoying their boat race! Thanks for that tutotiral too. Some times the public library has activities on just the right days you need a little help in keeping the kids active...I've used it for years.

Love the polish too. Smiles


Sunshine of Seven said...

Thanks Ladies:) I love your comments!!

I love the Library and all it has to offer! They have some really cool activities, literally!


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