Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Car Trouble?!!

We have a college student and 2 high schooler's, one that's been driving for a bit and one that will drive by herself before the year is up. I will ask again, where did the time go? It seems like yesterday that for Christmas they got the cozy coupe and convertible. Wow! Gas was so much cheaper and repairs didn't cost anything. And should I even broach the subject of insurance... I'm thankful for our girls and I sympathize with those of you with boys... life is just expensive all the way around for everyone.

Well, the subject of cars and expenses has been on the table at our house lately. A few years back we happened upon a good deal for a few good run around cars for the kids, little ford escorts. They have been quite good on gas and with the amount of miles on them and they travel really well. I must say that they have been a great blessing to our family!

Both of the cars have a good way of letting the driver know that they are getting low on gas... they chug a little or they just quit running when you stop at the stop sign. Either way, it's time for a fill-up!! Those of you that never let your automobile's gas gauge get lower than half are probably gasping right now, but the other's of us that really like to see... 'How far can this vehicle go on a tank of gas?', are nodding our heads! Mind you, I don't always like to see how far I can go, I just like to try it once (almost) so that I know what it's made of!

Lately, one of our escorts gave been more stubborn in this matter, similar symptoms, but we think a different problem. I happened to come upon a website that seems pretty handy in possibly giving us some clues at to what the issue may be. It's When checking around this site I got a few ideas on what to check out. One of them being the timing belt since we already replaced the fuel filter. Hopefully we won't have to look at the water pump. This website has a lot of cool resources on all automobile makes and models.

I hope that whatever the issue of our little car is, it's a simple and inexpensive repair. Free would be even better, wouldn't you agree?!

I even told our seventeen year-old that she could just walk for a while or even, as wild as it seems, maybe, ride her bike!! Her response, 'I just have so many places to go!' (Along with the look - 'How could you even think such Crazy things?!')

And, NO they are not driving while they are snapping this photo!! I'm quite sure that they are waiting for the mom to get out to the car... imagine that!!

Typical girls, always and I say ALWAYS snapping silly pics!! :) Love 'em!!

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