Monday, May 10, 2010

Tie-Dye Tutorial!

This picture says it all -


We are in need of a new family photo, so for fun, our girls & I (the hubby has a good sense of humor(: ) thought we would try Tie-Dye Shirts for the pics!

We had so much fun making the shirts that I had to share this with you all! Now I want to Tie-Dye lots more stuff!

We used RIT brand dye.
I LoVe the name 'SUNSHINE Orange'!

We didn't use the whole bucket, so next time I will use only a partial package.
I bought the dye at WalMart for $1.66 each.
I also bought the T-Shirts at WalMart, Adults - 5 pack for $9.50, Kids - $5.25.

Just mix with HOT water and Stir until dissolved. We used ice cream buckets, so we didn't worry about staining anything of value.

The Colors we choose were (left to right, top to bottom) -
Orange, Yellow
Purple, Blue & Pink!

Twist Rubber-Bands around your item here and there and everywhere!

Some of ours looked kinda like the bunched up bulb roots of an iris!

Dip the section of the item in the color of your choice.

The longer it's held in the solution, the darker it will dye your item.
(We used rubber gloves, so that our hands were not dyed, but it doesn't stay long on your hands if you don't wear gloves!)

Here, the girls were dipping away!!

It's such an Easy, Quick & Fun Project!

This is what it looked like before we took the rubber-bands off!
(Which, putting them on and taking them off pinched the fingers a bit,
but still FUN!)

We hung the shirts on hangers and let them dry outside that night.
(it was breezy so they dried quickly!)

Here's a pic in the Morning SUNSHINE!!

And a collage on the couch!

Now, I get to do some fun altering of the little girls shirts!! I share later :)


I'm Stitching as fast as I can said...

Love 'em.

Amanda Borden said...

So pretty & colorful too! Now I wanna see some fam pics. (Derek included:)

W,C,H said...

So glad I found your link from "Somewhat Simple." I've been wanting to do tie dye with my kids - your tutorial will help get me started. Looks like so much fun. And easier than I thought.

Sunshine of Seven said...

Thanks for the sweet comments:)

And Yes, it is way easy! I'm glad you stopped by, Thanks!


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