Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moist CHOCOLATE Sheet Cake!

Got a CHOCOLATE Craving? Try This!!

My Sweet Sister is so thoughtful, that one day she brought this over for us!
And, like she told me, we usually have the ingredients in our kitchens already, so no extra trip to the store!

So, since I can't share the cake itself, I'm sharing the Recipe!


2 Cubes Butter
1 C Water
4 T Cocoa

Boil the above on the stove then add to the following, that is already in your mixing bowl.

2 C Sugar
2 C Flour
1/2 t Salt

Then add -
1/2 C Sour Cream
2 Eggs
1 t Soda
1 t Vanilla

Mix everything real well.
Bake @ 375 for 20 minutes.


1 Cube Butter
6 T Milk
4 T Cocoa

Bring the above to a slight boil then add this to -
4 C Powdered Sugar
1 t vanilla

Beat well and pour over cake while it is still warm.
I also use this frosting for other recipes.


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