Thursday, May 13, 2010


Is anyone out there in need of some CUTE GRADUATION CAPS?

We've got a Pre-School Graduation this week and I'm in charge of the Caps, so I decided to make some!

Here are the SUPPLIES to sew -
(As you can see, I used Felt)
1 - 21 inch X 4 inch Strip
1 - 9 X 9 inch Square
1 - 9 X 9 inch Square
w/center cut in a circle

1 - 3 inch 1/4 inch Elastic
(Yes, I know there are three here, because I made 3 hats, SORRY to confuse anyone!)

For 1 Hat cut 2 - 9 inch square, squares.

Using 1 of the squares, lay the bowl(I used a 7 inch round bowl) on the square, folded in half.

Now, trace around half of the bowl with a white colored pencil.

Now, Fold the Strip in half & sew the ends together.

Find the center of the Elastic & pin it in the middle of the open seam.

Holding the pinned center with your fingers & stretch out the end of the Elastic. While carefully holding it down under the presser foot, start to Zig-Zag the end down well to secure, then Zig-Zag all the Elastic to the fabric.

Sew the Strip(sewn into a circle) to the 9 inch Square w/center circle.

So that is looks similar to this.
(This seems harder than it really is!)

Lay the 9 inch Square on top of the piece you just finished sewing.

Stitch around the edges of the two Squares together as shown.

Now, the Cap is sewn! YEAH!!

Time for the Tassle!

Don't cut the yarn yet, measure out a 16 inch piece & fold in half.

Knot the yarn, as shown.

So, with the other end close to the knot, start to make the Tassle quite like making a pom-pom, but longer.

Wind the yarn around your fingers about 10 times.

Cut a small strip of yarn (approx. 2 1/2 inches) & wrap around the top portion of the Tassle as shown. Wrap around a few times, real tight, and tie in a square knot.

Clip all the ends & any stray ends.

Find the center of the top of the Cap & back stitch the folded end of the Tassle yarn as shown.

Now, back stitch farther down to keep the Tassle where you want it to stay on the edge of the Cap.

And PRESTO, You've got yourself a GRADUATION CAP!!

I would like to thank our lovely models for showing the finished products!

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment! I would love to hear from you!

And, Thanks for stopping by! Congrats to the CLASS OF 2010!!


Amanda Borden said...

That puts the old poster board grad hats to shame! Great job. Now they can use them for their own pretend graduations with their new desks and chalkboard when I get it over to ya. :)

Sunshine of Seven said...

Kids are lucky too, no stress about making grade, just having fun:) And, I'll bet they will let you be the teacher ;) said...

Cute Grad hats! Great idea to use the felt! Thanks for linking up!!

Sabra said...

so cute! We do a preschool co-op in our neighborhood and the graduation is next week. I'm giong to suggest we make these. Love it!

Kristi Flanagan said...

Cute - I'm going to keep this in mind for our homeschool!

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