Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday Tip & Other Stuff!


Handy Tip - Using a Potato Peeler to Slice Cheese (really thin!)
(sorry for the too bright & glarey (is that even a word) picture!!)


Last week our elementary school had their 57th Annual Dance Festival!

This has been a neat tradition in our families for a few generations. I loved dancing in the festival! One reason, my mother always made us a new dress (full skirt to twirl and all with!) the other, being a girl, I loved to DANCE!!

That being said, here are some skirts that I made Savannah & Sicily for this years dance festival - all Full & Twirly!!

Here, Scottland (wearing her skirt) & Sophie (just loving to be held!) are posing for a picture!


I don't like the word 'Hate', yet when it come to SNAILS - I dis-like them very, very, very (did I say VERY) Much!! Which is very close to hate!
So, my kids get a kick out of showing them to me.

Just yesterday, they come running in the house so excited to show me a neat treasure, when to my great dismay, Sicily says 'Mom, look at the cute, tiny baby Snail'! I look down and freak out, because my BABY, little Sophie (she's 18 mo.) is holding a Blasted Snail!! Upon closer examination it was just the shell, but still a slimy creature housed that shell! In all their excitement about how cute the tiny things are, I am constantly telling them 'Take them out of the house, clear across the road, far, far away!!' !

You see, many moons ago, I used to weed someones flower bed, in which, a bunch of SNAILS were hidden. Sneaky little villians! So, long story short, I don't like the Crunch & Slime of them!

And wouldn't you know it, today the kids were watching the tv show- Between the Lions (on KUED, it teaches the kids to read, cool show!) and they had a feature about SNAILS! Pure coincidence? I don't think so, someone upstairs has a sense of humor and is getting some laughs using me!! That's okay, I have one too - Just keep the real Snails away from ME Please!!


rachel... said...

Wow! SEVEN daughters! I thought that I was busy! The skirts are adorable (if only I could sew...) and I could do without snails, but they don't gross me out nearly as much as my arch-enemy of all bugs: the CENTIPEDE! *shudder*

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I can't wait to read more of your's!

I'm Stitching as fast as I can said...

Cute, Can you believe that some people dislike the Dance Festival. I loved, loved it when the kids were in it. Loved the twilrly dresses, used to be the fuller, the better.

Amanda Borden said...

I hate ( I mean, dis-like) missing the dance festival. I wanted to be there but that evening had many other demands. Savannah and Sicily look so beautiful. Great job on the skirts. I too loved the dresses Mom made us for the dance festival. I bet Sicily was sooo cute hula hooping.

* we must have had the same mama ;)wink wink. "hate is a very strong word"

Amanda Borden said...

... and scottie too! That was nice of you to make her a skirt also.

Haupi said...

Hi! I'm a recent follower and I have to pass on 10 blog awards and your blog came to mind as one deserving a blog award. More bloggers need to know about your creative talent and the esty shop so come on over to my blog and see your award. You'll have to cut and paste it to put it up over here...sorry. But it's an award you truly deserve. I alway enjoy coming here and seeing what new thing you've created. Love the tiered skirts. Lookin' good girls!


Sunshine of Seven said...

WOW!!!! I am so flattered!! You made my day:) Thanks so much for the the blog award, You're Awesome!! I can't wait to check out the other blogs!

I have amazing family, friends and blog friends, I am Blessed!
Thanks EVERYONE!!! Love Ya All!


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