Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I was chatting with a good friend of mine about our delimma on a CUTE way to display/store our evergrowing HAIRBOW collection!

(Don't pay too close of attention to the still taped light switch and door molding - my daughter is still in the process of remodeling that bathroom!!)

So we came up with this FUN IDEA - HAIRBOWS - FRAMED!!

I also sell them on my ETSY Shop
Just in case you don't want to go to the trouble of making your own! You can even pick the colors you desire!!

Bigger Picture Frame (the older the cheaper!!)
Wooden Pegs
Chicken Wire (size depending on the size of frame, obviously!)
Clear Gloss
Glue Gun
Picture Hanger

Step #1 -
Measure how far apart you need to drill holes for little pegs and mark the spots.

Step #2 -
Drill holes, mine are just a hair smaller in diameter that the bottom of the peg so that there is a tight fit (I had to hammer them in!).

Step #3 -
Put glue in the hole and on the bottom of the peg and hammer in.

Wipe down the frame really well so that the surface is ready to paint.

Step #4 -
Paint Away! I found that 2 coats did well.
(Go Green - I used an ice cream bucket lid as a palette!)

Step #5 -
Spray with the Clear Gloss. I liked Krylon brand, it dried in 10 minutes or less!

Step #6 -
Measure the Wire very carefully. Glue it in with a Glue Gun.
(Now don't make fun of my ancient glue gun:) I love it!)

Step #7 -
Attach the Picture Hanger.

Now hang the FUN project on your wall!!

(And once again, don't pay too close of attention to the lovely stenciling on the wall above the frame, I am still remodeling in that bathroom!!)


Janacy said...

Toni, you really are amazing! You must have so much patience... I love all the stuff you do, but really don't know if I'd be able to do it, especially if it didn't turn out as well as yours do LOL :D

I admire you... and I'm seriously considering hiring you to finish that project I have never got back around to... ;) Serious!

Next time I see you I'm going to ask how much you'd charge :)

Sunshine of Seven said...

You are so very kind:) Thank you very much!!

You are an amazing lady yourself, and very talented, also a sweet wife and mother to your darlings!

I'd love to help you, just give me a holler!!

Laurina said...

That is really cute and practical! Of course, we don't have any hairbows in our house with a household full of males.


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