Saturday, February 20, 2010

Where's the CHOCOLATE?????

In our house, hardly a day passes that someone doesn't say...'WHERE'S THE CHOCOLATE?'
Living in a house of girls, 'Chocolate' is one thing that is in very high demand! It seems like we can rarely have enough of it. It's not that we just sit and eat it all at once, but (most) every girl knows that...You've got to have some CHOCOLATE around, just in case!!! Am I wrong?
And it's not just the girls in the house, but the one man around here seems to love CHOCOLATE just as much as us females. I can hide it to stretch out the stash and it never fails, one of them will say to me, 'I know where you're hiding the CHOCOLATE!'. See what I mean! And before you know it, it's gone and we gotta buy some more.
Our favorite right now is 'Lindt, Lindor Truffles', and they are YUMMY!!! And very Chocolaty!
Our question is this.....'Can you ever have too much CHOCOLATE?'
Answer that?

1 comment:

Janacy said...

I don't think it's possible to have TOO much :)

Lindors are the BEST!! Mmmmm the creamy insides... I'm drooling now :)

Guess I'd better get me some now too! LOL


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