Thursday, February 25, 2010

Princess and the Pea?

The night before last, Sophie, our 15 month old had a very hard night. So, as you can imagine, we, the parents had a fun one too. It wasn't that she was not feeling well, but there was no way of guessing just what would make her content. She was just not the happiest little soul.
Well, when morning came and I went to dress her for the day, low and behold I found a few 'Cheerios' in the footie of her sleeper! Hence, 'PRINCESS AND THE PEA'!!! Sophie has a favorite place to store her toys (and anything else for that matter), and that is down the front of her outfit! It is such a convenient place, since she cannot use her pockets yet.
Throughout the day I kept thinking that the misplaced cereal was the culprit, but when nightfall came we had just about as much fun as the previous one! So, we think we have come to the conclusion that, Sophie is a 'PRINCESS', and if everything is just not so, for her then it's 'PRINCESS AND THE PEA' all over again!
(NOTE....And it would be really helpful if she would just learn to talk, so she could tell us what is bothering her!)

1 comment:

Janacy said...

LOL Poor thing... We have that same issue with our little Taigyn.

Hope she figures it out soon!


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