Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Follow the Prophet, Follow...

Scottland and a few neighbor kids were out back playing when I heard the sound of her singing come through the open window (by the way it is a 'beautiful' day out today). It was the words of the song that really caught my attention, they go like this...'Follow the Leader, Follow the Leader, Don't go Astray...ect...', but to the tune of 'Follow the Prophet' an LDS Children's song! I went to look out the window and there she is, marching around the yard, with them following, waving flags and singing this song! It was so cute, and nice to see that she is learning what to do! FOLLOW the LEADER(PROPHET)!


Janacy said...

Wow! She IS a leader too... look at all those followers ;)

Your blog looks WAY dang cute!!! I'm jealous.... I'm going to need Your help now ;)

Amanda Borden said...

That is awesome!!


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