Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oh Sweet Valentine....

It is a tradition with our family to make sugar cookies, at least once a year, sometimes twice. Usually around Valentines and Halloween! So far we have now completed that once this year now, haha, good start, right? Now there is not so much pressure in October!
I love to watch STUDIO 5 (on KSL in Salt Lake City, Utah), for all the neat ideas and helpful ideas they share with thier viewers! My kids tease me all the time about it, but I can handle it!! Well, I got this YUMMY 'Sugar Cookie Recipie' off their website! The cookies turned out so 'Soft'! I wish you all could have a taste, Sorry!
I did put together some for the ladies that I visit teach though, I hope they enjoy them! HAPPY VALENTINES to YOU and YOURS!! SWEET DAY!

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