Saturday, February 13, 2010


I absolutely LOVE lying in bed in the morning and listening to the 'birds chirping' outside!! It is such a peaceful and serene sound to my ears.
This morning was one of those glorious sounding, start to my day! I love waking up to the sound of singing birds and having a quiet house, to just lie there soaking the moment in.
It all reminds me at this time of year that...SPRING is almost here! Which reminds me, I also totally LOVE Tulips! Which are getting a good start of reaching out of the ground toward the beautiful SUNSHINE!
I LOVE IT!! I thank Heaven for these lovely gifts I enjoy!


Amanda Borden said...

You are your mothers daughter, as am I. I love hearing the birds sing also. They can serenade me anytime.

Natalie said...

I had the same thought Amanda! I am also very jealous that you have tulips poking out.


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