Thursday, February 11, 2010

Simple FREE!

Last week I got a good deal on General Mills Cereal...6 boxes for $10(using a store coupon and 2 printable manufacturer's coupons). Anyways, the best part of it all was the JOY the Prize in the boxes brought to the girls!! You wouldn't think that CARS would put such smiles on little girls faces, but they did! We had 4 little girls that were so excited to pick their color of car and put on the stickers. The race cars were the type that you put on the ground, pull back, release...& watch it race!!
It even worked out great that there were 3 different colors so Savannah, Sicily & Scottland didn't have to have the same car as their sisters, and Sophie (1 yr. old) was just happy to play with one too! Even Sydnee our 17 year old, picked a yellow car, but only wanted the window stickers on hers, and she took it to school!! The Simple joys in Life...I love um'!!

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