Thursday, February 11, 2010


Yesterday was a fun one...Let me take you back to the night before - We get home from Sierra's Freshman Girls Basketball game and started to get dinner put together, when it occurred to me that our Refridgerator/Freezer was not as cold as it should be. After discussing it, Derek and I decided that it should be ok overnight if we just keep the doors shut as much as possible (a bit of a challenge with little kids-but that's what makes life interesting, right?).
Now back to yesterday...As soon as 9 a.m. came I gave the repair guy a call and he said he could stop by in about an hour...Yeah! But that meant that I got to clean the fridge and grime, so that he would not think that I was the worst house-keeper ever!! Needless to say, when he got there, I did not have my hair done yet and I had to apoligize to him and his assistant, but I did have some cleaning done.
Let's just say that it could have been worse, but it sure does Look Nice Now! Times like this give you the opportunity to do some deep cleaning, even if it takes up a good chunk out of the day! Also a bonus, the cats got to have a bit of a gourmet meal out of it too!
Now if the 'DISHES FAIRY' will just show up!! By the way, is someone out there hogging the FAIRY's schedule?!!

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Janacy said...

When you find out about that fairy, let me know!! She's been avoiding my house as well :)

I'm so happy to hear your playlist!!! :D
Glad you got things figured out... Looks GREAT!


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