Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Watch Out....Baby TORDADO!!!

Anybody out there have one of these?!!!! Well, we have this ONE-YEAR OLD TORNADO! And her name is 'Sophie' (and I'm gonna whisper this, cause if she hears me, she would probably start to stir... but she is taking a power nap, on my shoulder no less!) It seems as though all I do is go from one disaster to the next, following after her! I wouldn't trade my job for any in the whole world! Although, I would not turn someones offer to clean up the next mess! Any takers??
Some of her latest favorite things to get into are; pulling stuff out of the garbage can (she shows no favortism to which one - the grosser-the-better), climbing on the chairs to get stuff off the table, eating cereal on our bed (boy, we love sleeping in crumbs), getting into the cupboards, dumping out the cat's food, playing with the soap and so on....you parents out there know the routine:)
She can be the Sweetest little soul ever and we love her forever!! Just please stay asleep a while longer, I have things to get done before the next MESS! Opps, I spoke too loudly, she's AWAKE! And heading for the sewing machine...no rest for the weary!!! (Please NOTE, no animals were harmed in this picture!)

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