Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Our Backyard is Beautiful!!!

Last week was Spring Break so the younger girls & I went on a few adventures...one to Zion National Park, and the other to Red Cliffs.  I won't ever get enough of those two places.  Their beauty is just intoxicating!!

We can't wait for even warmer weather so we can swim & wade in the river here in Zion. :)

 Seriously....does it get any more magnificent than this heavenly place! 

 This is Red Cliffs... Absolutely Gorgeous!!

 We were so excited to get hiking on a fun trail that led us to a fun swimming hole!

 Rocks, Rocks..Everywhere...Just waiting to be climbed!  I think we took a zillion pictures (ok...maybe a slight exaggeration, haha!)

 Simply Heaven. :)    

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