Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Little Girls & Little Curls :)

One of my favorite memories from growing when my mother would curl my hair in those pink sponge rollers (by Goody) after a bath then, I would head off to bed.  I couldn't wait for morning when we got to take them out and I could have bouncy curls all day long...just like Shirley Temple!  I also loved to dance. :)  So, in my little-kid mind I got to be as neat as her...even if it was just for the day!

This memory is even more tender to me, seeing that I lost my mother (to Lupus) 15 years ago, last month....and, that she was the one that helped me develop my love of dancing and Shirley Temple.  Go Bouncy Curls!! ;)

I might add that I was NOT fond of when some hairs got caught in the connection end of the sponge curlers though...Ouch!

With our older girls I used the sponge curlers more (they were a fun yellow color though, yeah!  Yellow..Sunshine...Get it?!!)   Now, with our younger girls we have these handy-dandy spiral, pink, sponge curlers that make it easy for doing the whole sleep/wake-up with curly hair thing. :)

And....when life doesn't always allow you to curl hair before bedtime or, you just didn't plan ahead....OR, you have an indecisive little soul...the curling iron comes in handy!

With that..I'd like to introduce you to my little Shirley Temple at the moment, Sophie!

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