Monday, November 8, 2010

To Kewpie or Not to Kewpie?

So, how old does a baby, and Yes, I am still calling Sophie my baby (she's only 2, and just barely at that, haha!) have to be before you have to stop doing her hair as a Kewpie doll?
Part of the dilemma is that most of my cute little dolly's have not had a lot of hair until they are a bit older. So the natural thing has been to style their hair as such. Personally, I find it rather Adorable.. And I am their mother, so I can say and do as I wish, right? It also doesn't matter if an older child says that my three year old looks like a baby when her hair is done this way.. Because she is 'PERFECT' in my eyes!! :) And, did I mention ADORABLE?!!!!


Mom to Many said...
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Mom to Many said...

It's an interesting dilemma. From where I sit... My baby is 5 and more than a half. :o( So what if the Kewpie makes her look like a baby. To Moms that is a GREAT thing. :o)
When do you think my baby will want me to stop referring to him as my baby? (I don't say it in public, after all.)


Sunshine of Seven said...

Once our baby.. Always our baby!:) I mean, don't we refer to our oldest by the term oldest? So, the baby will just have to accept it, right?! (and, like you said, just not in public!)
I love the Kewpie hairstyle, so at my house.. it's a keeper!


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