Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Good Cheap Times!!

Last Spring I found these shirts on the clearance rack for $1 and have been waiting for the warm weather to have the girls wear them. This rainy & cold day seemed just perfect!
Over all the years of raising a houseful of girls, there have been many times where I'll find a bargin and it will just so happen that there will be one for each of my girls, in just the size they need. I love to find deals like that!.. AND that I can dress them similar (this also helps if we ever go to somewhere there is going to be a crowd!).

As you can see, it had just started to sprinkle and Savannah hollered, "Mom! Hurry, come check this out!". Pretty cool outline of the scooter.

Savannah, Sicily & Scottland, just a spinning in the rain! Don't you remember being a kid and the simple joy of playing in the rain, catching raindrops on your tongue?

Late, I know, but here is a snapshot of our 'LAUGHING LANTERNS:)'!!

Here is Sophie, just being her normal 'Two-Year Old Tornado' self!! And, We LOVE Her!

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