Monday, November 22, 2010

My Counter Climber & Laundry Helper :)

I have this Wonderful Helper at my house... and she is under 3 feet!

Anytime I am doing anything in the kitchen, Sophie climbes up on the counter to help out!

She is so independent, and gets upset if and when we take her down... unless we put her at the table to eat/drink whatever we have fixed.

You can see how happy and content she is just being part of this activity!

When I do laundry, Sophie love to toss the articles into the washer! She actually has a pretty good arm!!

She was so happy helping, that I stood back and took pics :).... this wouldn't be considered 'child labor' would it? haha!


Mom to Many said...

I remember being terrified that my little ones would climb and splat on the tile. I know it sounds dramatic, but I am a mother after all. :)


Natalie said...

I know of someone else that enjoyed sitting on your counter!


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