Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gingerbread Baby!

In a family the size of mine, bath time is quite entertaining, at least the kids make it that way. I (like every other parent out there!) sometimes have to give them different items to occupy themselves as a way to get the kiddos clean, while praying that the floor doesn't end up with a foot of water on it by the end of the whole ordeal. To do this, I will throw in some bubbles and toys, here and there, trying not to let them play with a toy that will aid them in emptying the tub! I occasionally put in some body wash as the bubbles to serve as double duty, yet one of the older girls decided to help out and put in some gingerbread scented body wash in the tub. Well, lets just say that Sophie decided to wash her own hair and since she is a baby fish, (and life here is a little chaotic at times, OK, lots of times!! By the way, I wouldn't trade my job or life for any one's... just would love to hire a maid and chef! Do you know anyone who would work for free/compliments??) she decided to help by washing her own hair. Only, she left out a very important step... rinsing!! Hence, she smelled like a GINGERBREAD BABY!!

You can see what a character I live with! She loves life and is so carefree... She isn't bothered a bit that her hair isn't done!! If only we could all be that carefree?! :)


Mom to Many said...

I am glad you are enjoying that gingerbread baby. :o)

Janacy said...

Mmmm... didn't you just want to nibble on her ;)

She's so cute!!

Sunshine of Seven said...

I am soooo enjoying our 'baby'!! She smelled so good, I couldn't help but to nibble!! :)


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