Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Upcycled Wash Clothes!

Does anyone out there have an older (or even brand new) towel that is begging to become your new WASH CLOTHES?

Well, I was in need of some new WASH CLOTHES and thought, 'Why not make some from one of our towels:) !!

(psst... if it bothers you that I didn't iron my towel, then contact me and I'll call you over to help me with that, and while your here, do you like to clean toilets?)

I like my WASH CLOTHES to be white, so that they bleach well, seeing that I wash faces with them, I like to know that they are clean.

Supplies that you need are:
1 Towel (more if you want, depending on how many WASH CLOTHES you desire. I got 8 WASH CLOTHES from 1 Towel)
A Measuring Device (ruler, yardstick, measuring tape, ?)
Serger or Sewing machine (or you may prefer to stitch the edges by hand:) )

Step #1 -
Lay your towel out flat and determine the dimensions that you want
(My WASH CLOTHES are 12 X 12 inches)

As you can see from this 1st pic, I first laid my towel on the rug, then seeing that I was going to have too much help (see the little leg in the upper corner!), I then moved it to the table. I still got helpers, one opossum attached to my back!!)

Step #2 -
Determine the size you want, I did mine 12 X 12 inches (also,cut the edges from around the towel).
Fold one corner over (as pictured) to the opposite corner to make it square, and cut the WASH CLOTH out.

You gotta love my measuring device:), my children have wondered off with my measuring stick and I'm sure one of them will be asking me shortly 'Mom, do you know where the measuring stick is?'

Step #3 -
Now, lay the 1st WASH CLOTH on top of where you will be cutting out the next one (the 1st can be used as your pattern).

I got 2 WASH CLOTHES of each row on the towel, hence 4 total rows,
TOTAL = 8 WASH CLOTHES from 1 Towel!

Step #4 -

Last and Final
Step #5 -
Serge, Zig-Zag, Hand-Stitch around the edges of each WASH CLOTH.
(*Note* I rounded the corners with my serger as I was serging around them)

And PRESTO, you now have some new (to YOU) WASH CLOTHES!!!

Now, ENJOY and go wash you face so you'll be ready for Dinner:) !!

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