Thursday, April 22, 2010


Does anyone out there have a difficult stove to clean?

Mine is a pain in the backside (well, back at least, really, from all the scrubbing) You know the commercial of the lady with her arm in a sling, from cleaning the tub, I understand her pain!!

Anyways, I saw an episode on KSL STUDIO 5 (in Salt Lake City, look online if the link doesn't work), about them using AMMONIA to clean the Stove Top plates and grills. So I decided to try it!

Scrool down to see how it worked out and a small TUTORIAL!

I also cleaned the top of the Stove with GOO-GONE (on a rag) and one of the COOLEST things, an XTREME SPONGE (if you haven't tried one of these, you need to, you'll love 'em! It's like Magic! We use them on like, everything! Maybe, they would like to be a SPONSOR, hint, hint!)!!

I would have showed you a picture of the before, but I can't have you all thinking that I don't know how to clean:) !!Opps, too late, you can see them below! After this episode aired, my friend Tricia, who knows my struggles with this stove, suggested that I try this too, but she didn't want to do it for me, go figure:)

To begin, gather the SUPPLIES -
AMMONIA, STURDY ZIP-LOCK BAGS (gallon size), & of course your STOVE TOP GRILLS & PLATES.

Put the items into the bags and pour some AMMONIA (approx. 1 cup) into the bags and seal.

*NOTE* IMPORTANT - I would advise that you do this outside, the fumes are very dangerous!

Now, every so often, I would go out and shake the bags, turning them over too, just to keep the liquid coated on the contents.

Here's where you get to do something else, (maybe eat those bon-bons while watching your soaps, cause that's what we do, right?) while something else does the scrubbing for us, YEAH!!

Okay, so a day has passed and now to get your hands dirty a bit!

I put mine in the sink, and very carefully took them out of the bag (one at a time), because they can splash the ammonia on clothing and such.

WARNING* The fumes are really strong at this point, so I had the window above the sink open (and it was raining, so I had a lovely breeze drifting in!)

I used a stainless-steel scrubber (I really only had to scrub a few stubborn spots, but not hard, mostly it all wiped of amazingly well!)

And it is quite a MESSY job!


Aren't those Pretty? With this SECRET I will get to cleaning these STUBBORN things more often! (when I say STUBBORN I mean STUBBORN, you'd think if they can put a man on the moon, they can make stoves easier to clean!?! Kinda like the magic button I pushed to clean inside the oven!)

Now here is a stove that I will proudly share a photo of!!

But if you didn't see the BEFORE photos, would you believe the AFTER?

I have to say, I think that I am totally good not to COOK anymore, I mean we really don't want to dirty it now, do we?!!

Do you think the rest of the family will agree with this plan?!!


Anonymous said...

I need to do that. Thank you for posting it. Thank you for your kind words at my blog too.

I'm Stitching as fast as I can said...

Funny you would post this, I have my stoves parts in Ziploc baggies as I write this, only I put in vinegar instead, oops, I'll have to do it agsin.
Thanks for posting.

Sunshine of Seven said...

Vinegar may do the job too, I heard about using that on another stubborn household chore. I'm gonna try that too and I'll let you know if it works!
I did hear about using it inside the oven too. Good luck!
Funny coincidence though, huh?!

Sam said...

mom you are amazing!! luv ya!!!!

Amanda Borden said...

Sister Susie you are fun and resourceful. The skirts are darling, the wash clothes look brand new & thanks for the oven cleaning idea. I am going to clean that pesky oven of mine. In all my spare time. heehee. I just laughed at the animal cracker frame. I loved the one missing a head. Humor in all things right? Now that's funny. Love ya.


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