Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Bargin Mirror...and a little paint!

A few weeks ago I decided on a color to paint the wall behind our bed in our master bedroom, 'Hot Ember', (purchased from ACE HARDWARE- Ace brand) and I needed something to hang also. I had thought about a collection of small mirrors, different sizes, but then I found this large, heavy, wonderful, beautiful Mirror at a yard sale (a special thanks to the lady that was selling it!). I knew instantly that I had found a prize! It cost only $10 too, which made it an even better find!!
Now, all I need to do is build some nightstands using the pattern off of 'Knock Off Wood' (s) blog! I think they will match the style of the bed just great.
Here are before and after pics!

(OOPS - I'm sorry that I didn't get these pics posted when the story went out.)

NOTE - Word to the wise, while painting the trim on a mirror outside, watch out for the reflection of the SUN, it gets pretty bright, haha! I had to sing, 'Blinded by the Light' (sorry, I don't know who it's by), a few times! Silly me.


Amanda Borden said...

Hey I loved catching up on your posts. Congrats on your mirror! I got a great one at the graff mercantile a couple months back also. Your crayon wraps are cute too (love the colors) I just love your bubble post too! You really are an "angel on earth" Your cute sunshiny personality is contagious. Love you and yours Sis.

Amanda Borden said...

BTW, I can't wait to see the Hot Ember color up on the wall. :D Sounds cool!

Sunshine of Seven said...

Sorry, I got the finish project pic up there now!
Thanks for your 'SWEET' comments SIS :), Sweet like YOU! Love Ya Too!

Amanda Borden said...

That is a very warm and inviting color :) Don't you love painting? I always tell Jeff, "It is the cheapest way to re-decorate". I don't know if that makes him feel better about it or not, but when it is all said and done,he likes the finished product. Great Job!!Enjoy.


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