Saturday, March 27, 2010

Crayon Wraps!

I made some of these for my little girls a while back, and since then, I have made a few for gifts.
Here is a 'Tutorial of a CRAYON WRAP', if you decide to make one yourself.

If you desire instead, I have some listed on my Etsy shop - !!

First, measure and cut your choices of fabric & ribbon -
1 @ 21 inches X 10 1/2 inches
1 @ 21 inches X 6 inches
1 24 inch ribbon

The fabric used here, I purchased from Wal-Mart and from the selection - 'Quick Cuts'.

Here is the tricky part (I hope not too confusing)!

Fold each piece in half, Iron flat.
Then, Lay the shorter piece on top of the taller piece
(where they will be when it is completed).

Flip the back taller half over the front piece
with the ribbon, folded in half, with the ribbon fold end centered and laying on top of the shorter piece, lengthwise.

Pin in place, starting where the ribbon is placed.

Now, Stitch around the edge (wrong-side facing out).
Making sure not to sew the ribbon ends in anywhere else.
(it wouldn't hurt to pin the ribbon ends around the middle, inside of the wrap)

Leave about a 1 1/2 inch gap on the side above where the ribbon is sewn in.

Now, turn the wrap right-side out!
Isn't that CUTE?! Just a few more steps to go :)

Tuck in the spot where you turned it right-side out & iron.

Lie a ruler on top of the flatened wrap & mark on the shorter piece at 1 inch spaces (so you know where to sew the lines up to divide the crayons).

Now, Sew around the outer edge, about 3/8 inch seam, starting below (& back-stitching the ribbon part, to re-inforce) where the ribbon starts.

When you get to where you started, start sewing up the the lines (where you marked at 1 in. for the crayon dividers). Always back-stitch at the top of each seam to re-inforce.
I do a zig-zag pattern while sewing this section, after back-stiching the top part, I loosen my thread and skip over to the next line, and on the bottom, I just stitch over to the next line up.

When you get done stitching the crayon divider section, clip all the stray threads (don't forget the ones between the tops of the dividers where you skipped!).

Woo-Hoo, CRAYON WRAP Complete!!! :)

(except for the crayons!! (I don't know how to make crayons, Yet!!)
I have melted old crayons into new ones, but that's another tutorial!

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