Monday, March 22, 2010

The MAN & his Machine!

When the opportunity comes for Derek to operate a piece of machinery, he totally jumps at it! He is like a little boy playing in the dirt with his Tonka's!
And a bonus to this is that he is really talented moving dirt around and has an amazing eye for leveling. He just jumps in a BOBCAT (or any of that type of equipment) and works his MAGIC! The girls and I love to watch and are grateful for the joy this brings him. Not to mention, the stress relieving qualities that 'Playing with DIRT' is for him.
I feel that the ideal retirement for him will be to live on the mountain, moving dirt around with a machine, for FUN!
This particular day (last saturday) he got to 'Muck Out the Stalls' at my brothers house, the less messy way (with the help of a Bobcat, borrowed from a good friend)!! He still came home a bit dirty:) I mean - 'Can you really play in the Dirt without getting any on you?'

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