Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I know that it is almost a week later, and as they say, 'Better LATE than NEVER'!
We had FUN celebrating St. Patricks Day for two days this year. First with it being my turn to teach Scottland's Pre-school and second, with the actual holiday.
At Pre-school, I made 'Green Eggs & hash browns w/cheese' and it got quite the reaction with the kids'. One kid said, 'My dad doesn't make me eat green eggs!'.
We went on a 'Treasure Hunt' for the Leprechaun's Gold (which was - 'Magic Bubbles' & 'Gold Coins'). Then we read the story 'Leprechaun's never Lie'. The kids' had a lot of fun, so did I.
The next day, on the 17th, I made 'Green Pancakes' and we painted our fingernails 'Green', so that we wouldn't be 'pinched'! Sicily even made a cute Leprechaun mask at school (see pic.). Scottland loved it so much that she even tried it on and Sophie loves her picture taken!
'KISS ME I'M IRISH' -not really;)


Bonni said...

I just 'found' your blog! I love your attitude of better late....... Your family is beautiful!

Sunshine of Seven said...

Thank You!! I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but raising kids is WILD and we are lucky to get done what we can:), enjoy the ride!

Janacy said...

You're So cute! :)


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