Monday, August 15, 2011

School is in Session :)

Today was filled with excitement..
The new clothes & shoes got put on and the hairdos were done. Backpacks were filled with brand-spankin' new, never been sharpened 'Cool' pencils! And... off we headed to meet the new teachers, with butterflies in our stomachs and grins on our faces!! :)

Sierra has quite the busy schedule with early-morning practices, games, studies, a social life & everything else that a teenager does!

Savannah was excited and anxious for the new year.. wondering what the new challenges her teacher would present!

Sicily mentioned how she was excited to wear her new clothes.. just not so thrilled about the homework ;), but came home with a big smile when she talked about how she finished all the questions on her math test!

Scottland (not pictured until later), has to wait until next week to start Kindergarten, because they have their assessment appointments this week... bummer :( It is sooooo hard for her. She is extremely ecstatic about getting started.... Please hurry up next week!!

Sophie (also not pictured yet...) will finally get some alone time with Mom.. YEAH!! We will get a few hours a day to play & learn... & I'm sure she will help me clean ;)!

Sydnee & Samantha (neither pictured either... until they approve of a pic ;)!) With Sydnee off to college & Samantha starting her new career, are pretty busy these days, so I will give you updates here and there.. if they stick around long enough for me to get some fun stories!

Do you think that there's a slight possibility that the house may stay picked up for maybe a few hours now???
(At least until everyone comes home and drops their shoes & backpacks wherever they fill the need :0!!)


Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad said...

The girls look so cute in their school outfits. I love how they all have S names. My hubby's family are all K's...neat trend. I wish them all luck in school!

Karmen Paterson said...

I love the first day of school! It's one of the biggest things I miss both as an adult and as a homeschool mom. The kids look terrific and all seem to be ready for an awesome school year!

Toni Imlay said...

Thank you Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad & Karmen Paterson! Having named them all with S's has made having 7 daughters even more unique. :) They all love school and have grown up so much more!

I am in the process of updating my, please stay tuned for some fun & exciting changes!!

Warm regards, Toni Imlay


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