Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Frozen Watermelon?

Did you miss me? We've had some wild weeks around here...just to mention a little of our craziness - Scottie got stitches from dancing (spinning gets you a little off balance!) & Sam had her gallbladder removed (what a relief to have that pain gone!)!

But between this we did try something new... FROZEN WATERMELON :) !!

I found it quite Refreshing and Yummy! Maybe you want to give it a try?

Sierra and some friends said it was good!

Sicily, Scottland, Sophie & Friends enjoyed the refreshing treat too!

Here's how I made FROZEN WATERMELON!

I sliced up the Watermelon like such and layed it on waxed paper, then rolled it up.

Then I packed it in Ziplock bags like this and stuck it in the freezer, waited a while & Enjoyed :) !!


rachel... said...

Wow! I'm glad everyone is recovering. Frozen watermelon sounds delicious right now. I think I see some of that in my very near future...

Janacy said...

You are So creative... I just LOVE reading new things on your blog :)

Thank you again for enduring those two hours with me today ;) You're an angel!!


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