Thursday, July 1, 2010

Crafty Daughter, Family Reunions & Mountain Views

Savannah made this pretty 'Twizzler Rose' last week and I just wanna show it off! Thanks for humoring me! :)

At our Beatty Family Reunion, the kids got to enjoy a treat, shot from the
'Candy Cannon'!!

Here is a pic of just one of the beautiful lakes up on Beaver Mountain!

The kids totally loved holding all the 'New Baby Puppies' at our Wright Family Reunion! They were so cute, scrunchy faces and all!!

1 comment:

Haupi said...

Not too many people can hold a cute little puppy and still be the cuter of the two. But each of your little girls have managed to do just that...the little darlins'. Smile. (the boys look like their cousins - same coloring and look)



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