Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life's a Kaleidoscope...

I have this awesome talent of getting involved in a lot projects at one time
(or at least in a few days:)!!)

My mind is just always going and there is sooooo many things that I am going to do.... So many things to do.... So little time !!!

Yesterday, reality became apparent, again, .... With a household of girls,
(we seem to be raising them quite independent! Those of you that know us are probably nodding your heads:)!!) I realized that I have to keep reminding them that 'I am the MOM' and 'I am in charge of myself, hahaha!!' The whole lot of them would be the boss if we let them!!

We had a few things on the agenda and even though I had been busy getting a few of my personal things crossed off the list, we hadn't started on the family list yet. When our oldest daughter said, I don't just want to stand around all day, let's get this party started!! (not in those exact words!)

So, here's a snipet of what we did:

OK, I got brave, here are a few snapshots of the New Hairdoos! I know they are not terrible, and you don't get a 3-D visual, but there is a bit of damage!

Some of our girls, starting out, don't have a whole bunch of hair, but in the end they all get plenty of it!! So we like them to keep what little they have!!
Imagine that:)

Sicily - notice the shorter hair just behind the ear, and there is more that mostly stays in the ponytail!

Scottland - also behind the ear (the angle isn't really good, sorry) And,

the crown of her head, where her bangs were growing in a bit from her personal haircut last fall!!

Here also are a few of the Ribbon Hairbows that I have just recently been working on! (sorry too, for the flash on the centers of the flowers!)

And, Sophie, I LOVE THAT SMILE! - on the top and there are snipets on each side of her head!

Our older daughter said that they looked like the 'Stairs' that they cut on boy's hair, on purpose!!

Here's Sierra, with one of the Fabric Flowers that I made!!

It was a fun project, the older girls helped by cutting out petals, ribbon and picking buttons for each flower! We had fun visiting.... Late into the night:)

And, Sydnee, with another Fabric Flower!!


Here is the fun project that we worked on - Painting the Basketball Court!!

It was a lot of taping on a really warm day, yet,
being with FAMILY is Always worth it!!


mle said...

Hi there! coming via TTA. sounds like you have a lot of fun things going on at your house! : ) the hair accessories are super cute - but I think you meant to put a Purdue 'P' on the court, right? : D

Twee Poppets said...

Hello! Thanks for tagging along this week at the Tuesday Tag-Along blog hop! I'm a follower of your blog! :)


Sunshine of Seven said...

I love making new blogger friends!!

Thanks for dropping by:) & following!

Thank You for the sweet comments!!

Amanda Borden said...

That looks awesome!! Great Job.


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