Friday, May 28, 2010

Crazy Dayz!

It's been a little crazy around here for a bit, even more than normal!!

I'm sure all you mothers understand the your a chicken running around with your head cut off (my apoligies to the CHICKEN!)!!

First off, I want to tell all my Friends, Followers & Family that I appreciate you all! Thanks so much for all the sweet comments! I love to hear from you. It's incouraging to read your thoughts and have your support, THANKS:) !!

I appoligize for not posting as often lately, along with the end of the school year fun, I have been busy making some extra crafts to put in the shop AMBIENCE CONSIGN & DESIGN in Cedar City! (If your in the area, swing by and check out the shop! Also check them out on Facebook!)

And, to add to all of our fun.... Here's a riddle for you -
What do you get when you find out that Sicily, Scottland & Sophie have been in the same room that their older sister left the kiddie scissors out?........
(One of these days, when I get brave, I'll post a picture of the new HAIRSTYLES:)!!)

Here is one of the new FABRIC HAIRBOW FLOWERS that I have been working on!

I'll show some more pictures later!

This is Scottland's Pre-School Granduation Class... Aren't they ADORABLE?!!!!
They are growing up sooooo fast!


I'm Stitching as fast as I can said...

Cool, I'll look for those cute haircuts tomorrow.

Janacy said...

LOL!!! I'm curious, also, to see the new Do's ;)

Cute cap n gowns! :D

Someday, I really AM going to come stop by your house... sounds like I should wait a few more weeks though ;)


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