Friday, April 2, 2010

Winter Pants become Spring/Summer Shorts Tutorial!

With a houseful of girls that play really hard, come spring, we always have a handful of pants that need to be 'SPRING-A-SIZED'!
(I'm sure most everyone has children that get holes in their knees of their pants!)
Well, here at our house, I cut them off (to extend their wear) and make them into long shorts!!

Here is a fast Tutorial for Winter Pants become Spring/Summer Shorts!

#1 -
Lay the pants on a flat surface.
Decide the length of your shorts.
Allow for the seam (folding under for your seam, usually 1 inch).
I like to fold up the bottom, so that I can cut across evenly. (1st pic of these 2)
Then cut all the way across both legs (both layers). I like to lay the first one that I cut on top of the other leg, so that the lengths are the same.

#2 -
SERGE around the bottom (where you will hem them, if you don't have a serger, ZIG-ZAG them. Because only folding up once on the seam will create less bulk).

#3 -
Pick the thread.
(I like to pick a Copper-Gold or Gold shade, just match it to the stitching on the rest of the pants. It's very handy to have these shades in your thread supply).

#4 -
Fold the SERGED or ZIG-ZAGed edge under and hem around the bottom.

The finished product.
Time to let the kids hit the playground - Enjoy SPRING :)


Janacy said...

I really need you to teach a sewing class... :) If I had a set day and time to Really try to learn the art of sewing, I think I'd actually do it LOL

Sunshine of Seven said...

I would love to!! Thanks for being a dear friend also! I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Amanda Borden said...

If you haven't thrown that cute heart and rainbow out; cut it off and sew it onto the bottom of the shorts or another pair. I did that with some of Daisy's pants and it added so much!!


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