Monday, April 12, 2010

Twisted Roses Tutorial!

Here it is! I hope this is helpful to anyone that would like to create flowers like this!

This Twisted Rose Ring would compliment any outfit!
Make some for yourself & some for gifts!

I am also listing some on my Etsy Shop - :)

Step #1 - Get
1 Strip of Fabric (approx. 10 inches long)
1 Circle piece of Fabric (approx. the size of your thumbnail)
1 Small piece of Fabric (approx. 1/2 in. X 3/4 in.)
1 Piece of Round Elastic (approx. 3 in. long)
A Glue Gun

Step #2 -
Take the Strip of Fabric (no need to iron it) & fold it in half and tie a knot in the end like this!

Step #3 -
Put a drop of Glue on the side of the knot,
then keeping the fabric folded in half, Twist it and press it on the glued spot.

Then, keep Glueing & Twisting the Fabric (around into pretty much a circle)
until you reach the end of the fabric.
(Sorry for the blurry pics)

Step #4 -
Now, Glue the end of the fabric strip onto the underside of the Rose.

Step #5 -
Take the Circle piece of Fabic and Glue it onto the underside of the Rose like this.

Step #6 -
Tie a square knot (right over left, left over right) with the piece of Elastic, with the ring the size you desire (depending on who you are making it for). Pulling the ends really tight, so as the knot will not come un-done. And, clip the ends of the elastic so they are not so long.
Now, Glue the Elastic to the underside of the ring.

Step #7 -
Finally, Glue the small Rectangle piece of Fabric over the knotted part of elastic (so it has that finished look & makes it more secure).
Trim the extra frayed ends (But, the fraying also gives it that 'Special Look' that is desired!)

Now last, but not least, Put on the ring and go have lunch with some friends or family!


Jill from Women Who Do It All said...

Wow, those look perfect. Thanks for sharing the tutorial, I'm definetly going to try it out!

Sunshine of Seven said...

Thanks, You're Sweet!! They are fun to make and even funner to wear! said...

These turned out great! And I love the tutorial! I will have to try these!

Thanks so much for linking up!

Julie said...

Hi! I am featuring this today for Flower Week!


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