Monday, April 5, 2010

The Scone Digger!!

Are you wondering what exactly what a 'Scone Digger' is?

Just leave it up to a few teenagers to come up with a name like this!
(And, they are a FUN group of teenagers, we love 'em!) On Saturday, we made a few batches of 'Scone Dough' and our oldest girls all pitched in to help out. Samantha browned the burger, Sierra grated the cheese & Sydnee, well she is 'The Scone Digger!' (the one who cooks the scones to perfection - and yes, they were really good!)!!

Now, to simplify this process, I divided this recipe into thirds and mixed it in my bosch, which made a quicker job of it. And, I oiled the sides and bottom of the bucket before adding the dough.

Here is the recipe for

Navajo Taco/Scone Dough

6 T Dry yeast
2 C Warm water
1 1/3 C Sugar
1 1/3 C Oil
2 T Salt
2 Qt Warm milk (can be powered)
6 Eggs beaten
24 C White flour (more or less)

Dissolve 6 T dry yeast in 2 C warm water. Beat 6 eggs then add the sugar, oil, salt, and milk. Next add yeast mixture and then flour. Can be mixed all by hand in a really big bowl. It is suggested that the dough be put in a covered 5 gal container for storage and transporting. Punch down if dough rises too big. When this recipe is doubled it will be enough dough for a ward activity. We will keep the dough cool in ice during the day.

**Do not make before, make and use the day of the event. Any extra dough can be used for bread or cinnamon rolls.

Recipe of Janice Sanders


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