Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sydnee's Preference Dress

Well here is our Beautiful Sydnee...Also with her date, Tyler. I swear that she was a little girl just yesterday playing dolls, or at least outside riding bikes with her friends! And this is even her second preference dance. Here is also the finished sewing (To Sew or Not to Sew post) project! We love the color of this dress with her dark hair.
We are very blessed to have such a Beautiful Daughter!
We love you Sydnee!!

(I made some 'twisted fabric roses' that I saw done on Studio 5 for the collar, that was fun, I think that I want to make more for some other projects.)


Chris and Kathy Hurst said...

You are so talented, Toni! She looks so beautiful!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful dress on a beautiful girl. The fabric looks so luxurious and fun to wear. Hope she had a good time at the dance.

Sunshine of Seven said...

You both are so Sweet, thanks! She had a great time!

Amanda Borden said...

That fabric is sooo pretty, up against her hair, just as you said. Great job Sis! Syd you are beautiful too. Hope you had a great time.


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