Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stay out of the Trash!

Does anyone else have this challenge... Keeping the little people out of the trash? I believe over all these years, we have tried everything.
-Lock the cupboard
-Put the can up high
-Stand guard all day
-Try to teach them how 'YUCKY' it is
-Even try to have less waste!
Well, I firmly believe that little people are just drawn to the garbage. And so, we will forever be trying to keep them out of it. At least until we have grandkids, and we get to pass the torch on to their parents (while we spoil, of course!).
Now today's sceniaro goes like this....I was bagging up the trash this morning, I had gotten the kitchen trash and was coming back from getting the bathroom trash when to my surprise, Our little Sophie was putting a fresh bag in the container! It never ceases to amaze me how quickly these little kids learn! I was so pleased to see her being such a 'Big Helper'! She was even happier when I whipped out the camera to snap a few photos. She IS growing fast!

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