Saturday, January 30, 2010

Disney Princess....Which One Are YOU?

About a week and a half ago, Scottie our 4 year old, asked me what PRINCESS I was! (Just as you can imagine, in a houseful of girls, princess' are a very common subject.) Now since she is 'SLEEPING BEAUTY', (her hair being blond and all-and it doesn't hurt that a little girl-that believes in fairytales, she gets kissed by the prince) we even made a princess birthday cake like her and all! None-the-less I had to chose another one! Seeing that my husband's name is 'Prince Derek' (as known in our household)I naturally think that I should be 'ODETTE', the one in 'The Swan Princess'! Well she went on to inform me that I could not be Odette because my hair is not yellow like hers. I then asked if I could be "BELLE', and again, I did not have the right hair color (mine is light brown-go figure). I then proceeded to ask her which princess she thought I was. Scottie then suggested that I could be 'SNOW WHITE' or 'JASMINE', I then told her that those ladies had dark hair, much like her
2 oldest sisters Samantha and Sydnee. She then said that I could be 'ARIEL', but then changed her mind, knowing that I am not a red-head! So the mystery of what 'Princess' I am remains a mystery! Maybe someday she will let me be 'ODETTE'!!!

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